Secure payment

Payment methods

You can use different payment methods to make purchases on our site: credit cards, or codes to be used as a discount on the products you want to buy.

The following payment methods can be used on e-Water Commerce:

• Visa

• Visa Electron

• CartaSi

• Postepay cards


• Amazon Pay

• Satispay

• Mastercard

• Prepaid Paypal cards linked to the Visa or Mastercard circuit

You can also use our discount coupons to buy on e-Water Commerce.

Your credit or debit card may require payment verification by your lender.

The following payment methods cannot be accepted to purchase items sold on e-Water Commerce:

• Wire transfers

• Checks or money orders

• Cash

• Book Coupons

• International money orders

• SKRILL account

• Cash on delivery

Bank transfers


Secure SSL payment

All sensitive data are sent via secure connection, thanks to the SSL certificate installed on this site. Therefore, personal data, including payment data, are secure.

It is also for this reason that we recommend only using e-commerce sites with an SSL certificate to offer their customers greater security on their site, increasing their reliability and consequently also the orders.

Tips for avoiding payment scams

Protect yourself from Internet fraud by learning to recognize scam and phishing attempts.

If in doubt, ask the recipient for more information on the purpose and security of the payment requested. Don't send payment until you're sure of the transaction. To avoid any scams with payments:

• Do not make any payments outside the e-Water Commerce website. All payments for orders must be made through your account on our site. Any request for direct payment from third parties must be considered suspect.

• Do not send money - in cash, by bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram, Postepay top-up or other means.

• Do not make a payment to collect the winnings from a lottery or a competition, or against a promise to receive a large sum of money.

• Do not make a payment in exchange for a secured loan or credit card.

• Do not respond to an offer received via the Internet or by telephone if you are unsure of its truthfulness.

• Do not make a payment to someone you do not know or whose identity you are unable to verify.

• Do not respond to e-mails asking to provide data relating to the account, such as the e-mail address and password. e-Water Commerce will never ask you to provide personal information.



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